David Dossett


Birches -

Burning Bright in the Autumn Years

I painted this on panel using water-mixable oils. What I wanted to achieve in this painting was an homage to the painters of The Group of Seven. But now as I look at this painting I see something else. I see a forest that was once green, transformed during autumn into a blazing, brilliant show of colour. And as striking as the display of colour is, it only lasts for a short time — and then it is gone. The leaves will wither, die and fall.
As I look at this painting I see myself in the autumn of my life. I see my “green” years as rather uneventful. I really didn’t have much ambition. I didn’t have a sense of purpose. Now that there are fewer years ahead of me than behind, I am looking at my life and determined to make the most of the time I have left on this earth. I may not go out in a blaze of glory like these autumn leaves, but at least I know that I am going to do my best!
It sure is strange how a painting can take on a whole new meaning over time.

May the colours of your leaves burn bright and long in your autumn years.


David Dossett is the owner and an artist of Martello Alley. He captures wonderful moments of quiet reflection through his imagery of nature and his home town of Kingston, Ontario. He also engages us to think about simpler times of youthful innocence with his whimsical paintings of children playing.
This provides us with a moment to leave the negativity in world behind and refresh ourselves with memories of joyful times.
David's work can be found at Martello Alley or online at

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