Hot Chocolate

David Dossett


11x14 Acrylic Painting

"Hot Chocolate"
Well, I've been complaining so long about how cold and miserable winter has been. And now that the warm weather is finally here -- I post winter pictures!
So here's the story behind this one: years ago we took the kids on their first ski trip. We stayed at Mont Tremblant. At noon we stopped at the base of the little beginner hill and waited for Mom to bring some hot chocolate. You see, she didn't want to ski. She was happy just looking around the village and bringing us treats during the day.
But here's another story: as I was there I thought back to the times I spent in the Laurentians with my family when I was young. My parents' favorite resort was Le Chantecler. It was a beautiful, charming place near the quaint town of St. Adèle. At night you could look up at the mountain and see the big cross beside the church all lit up. When we were there over the Christmas holidays, my sister and I went to the special Christmas dinner they held for children, while the adults had their own party in an adjacent room. After dinner, it was off for a sleigh ride up the mountain to the center of St Adèle. I remember the bitter cold, the sound of the bells jingle-jangling, and the sound of the horses as they trudged through the deep snow on the roads. We kept covered under the bearskin. Wonderful memories!
Even though my parents were busy, hard-working people, they were able to give me love, and many wonderful memories.

May you make your own memories with your children.

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