Walk About Kingston with Martello Alley - Episode 4 – Ghosts of Martello Alley

Kingston is a beautiful city. It’s also very walkable. I often walk downtown and along the water, and see so many people taking in the warmth and charm of this city we live in. The part I enjoy most is the discovery of the art, historical plaques, and other points of interest.

As a public service to visitors and residents of our city, I decided to start sharing through a video log what I have happened upon.

For the fourth video I'm featuring Martello Alley itself, and the ghosts stories that go with it. Research, illustration, writing and publshing were done by one of our newest artists, Everdello (Joanne Stanbridge).

So many people walk by these old walls and alleyways. But how many people know about the people who used to live here, the lives that they lived, or the ghosts still haunting these dark corners at night?  

You can get your own copy of the Ghosts of Martello Alley by coming into the gallery, or by ordering online.

Enjoy your walk about Kingston as you take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. And don’t forget to visit us at Martello Alley. We are located at 203 B Wellington Street, just north of Princess Street. Just look for the bicycles!