David Dossett


"Famille" by artist David Dossett is a heartwarming and nostalgic painting that captures the essence of simpler times and the innocence of youth. Measuring 12" x 12", this charming artwork is currently on display and available for purchase at Martello Alley for $300.

In this delightful scene, Dossett skillfully brings to life three children engaged in the timeless childhood activity of making snow angels. The setting is a serene winter's day, where a fresh blanket of snow covers the ground, transforming the world into a glistening wonderland. The children, dressed in cozy winter attire, are sprawled on their backs, playfully moving their limbs to create the iconic snow angel shapes.
What sets "Famille" apart is the artist's masterful use of color. Despite the snowy backdrop, Dossett infuses the painting with warmth and brightness. The soft, powdery blues and whites of the snow are beautifully contrasted by the vibrant, cheerful colors of the children's clothing and the subtle hints of sunlight breaking through the clouds. This juxtaposition of cold and warmth encapsulates the painting's underlying message—that even in the midst of winter's chill, the bonds of family and the innocence of youth radiate with warmth and joy.

As viewers gaze upon "Famille," they are transported to a time when life was uncomplicated, and worries about finances and businesses were far from the minds of these carefree children. The painting evokes a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era when the simple pleasures of making snow angels on a crisp winter day were enough to create lasting memories.

Dossett's "Famille" is a poignant reminder of the beauty found in the ordinary moments of life and a celebration of the enduring bonds of family. It invites us to cherish the innocence of childhood and to hold dear the memories of simpler, more carefree times. This painting is not just a work of art; it is a radiant and heartwarming memory captured on canvas, ready to adorn the walls of those who appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

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