Going Home

David Dossett


"On the Way Home” by artist David Dossett is a heartwarming and nostalgic painting that captures a timeless moment of childhood joy and camaraderie. Measuring 12" x 12", this enchanting artwork is currently on display and available for purchase at Martello Alley for $300.

In this charming scene, Dossett skillfully portrays two children on a snowy winter day. The focus of the painting is a young child seated on a sled, bundled up in winter attire, eagerly awaiting the thrill of the ride. The second child, filled with enthusiasm and youthful energy, stands in fron, pulling the sled with all their might. The painting  conveys a sense of determination and pure delight as they embark on this wintry adventure together.

Despite the snowy backdrop, "Le retour" radiates warmth and cheerfulness, thanks to Dossett's expert use of color. The snowy landscape is awash in soft blues and whites, creating a serene and picturesque winter setting. However, it is the vivid and joyful colors of the children's clothing that infuse the scene with an undeniable sense of vitality. The contrast between the chilly, frosty surroundings and the vibrant, lively figures highlights the essence of youthful exuberance and the unbridled happiness that comes with simpler times.

The title, "Le retour," which translates to "The Return" in French, suggests a journey, an adventure, and the anticipation of returning home after an exhilarating day of play. It encapsulates the essence of youth, where concerns about finances or businesses are distant and unimportant, and the focus is solely on the joy of the moment.

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